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In 2015, we are travelling through UK and Europe by motorhome. From Australia, arriving in London in February we start our journey...

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France's Mediterranean Coast

posted by Cathy    9 Sept 2015   France Mediterranean Coast, AND France Cote d'Azure, St Tropez to Avignon

Continuing east along the south coast of France we popped into a number of beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. We had a night at a winery near the Camargue before stopping at the ancient town of Arles. There were lots of great beaches around the Golfe du Lion as we drove through Marseille and Toulon on our way to St Tropez on the Cote d'Azure. The coastal road highlights were the Calanque du Figeurolles and Point le Layet.

We explored St Tropez then continued on the coastal road. Wow! We were rewarded with some fantastic scenery. We could only make it is far as Cannes before turning back west so we would be in time to pick up our boat for the Canal du Midi. Highlights on the way back were Les Beau de Province (Chateau and winery) and Avignon. Missed the last Blog Entry? See all entries on the Trips and Photos page..

Blog Post 2

Spanish and French Coast with the amazing Montserrat

posted by Peter    19 Aug 2015    Spanish Coast and Montserrat AND Leaving Spain and into France

In this part of our trip we leave the Costa del Azahar and head into the Costa Daurada region of Spain (travelling from near Valencia to near Barcelona). There are lots of interesting places to explore as we zigzag along the coast and up to 60km inland. Highlights were: spotting castles and forts (mostly ruins) on most of the prominent hills we passed; finding small towns with amazing churches such as Alcala de Xivert; exploring Pensicola Old Town and beach; staying at a small winery and exporing the nearby Montserrat mountains and Monastery. Amazing!

Back to the coast again... Spain's Mediterranean beaches are beautiful with lots of towns to expore along the Costa Brava. Some of the highlights were the beaches around St Feliu de Guixol and the town that Pals Castle once protected. We crossed the border into France and the beautiful bays and beaches continued... This was one of our most scenic coastal drives.

Missed the last Blog Entry? See all entries on the Trips and Photos page.


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