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Aussie Holiday Home Page - What's this travel site about?       

Discover Australia by following our real life adventures as we take every holiday opportunity to see as much of Australia as we can. We love travelling, not only to the usual tourist destinations but also off-road to some of the more inaccessible and spectacular scenic areas that Australia has to offer. Our motto is to see Australia first and we have done our best to live up to that. This country is very diverse and we aim to see it all. Our longest adventure was a road trip around Australia for 6 and a half months. Our friends, Karen & Gary, joined us for 2 months of it so you will be reading about their adventures along with us, Cath & Pete. We have done the great Aussie Road Trip once before but last time it was with Maureen & Kev but it was only for a little over 4 months. NOT LONG ENOUGH! Unfortunately I didn't have a digital camera back then but I did keep a list of places we stayed at, dates, distances, accomodation costs, 'other' costs and petrol costs. This travel information table for our first trip around Australia helped us plan for the latest and longer trip around Australia. The Travel Details spreadsheet from our latest trip highlights the huge increase in petrol prices compared with the smaller increase in accommodation costs.

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As we visit places and create Web Albums for those places we will put a link on the map below. (sorry those who cannot view Flash, I will eventually swap to something more compatable). Move your mouse over yellow spots on the map to see where it is and then click to see the Web Photo Albums for those places. Use the Queensland button to enlarge that part of the map. Use the Australia button to return to see ALL of the links to Web Photo Albums in or near Australia. Also you may want to use the Alaska and Canada buttons to access photos from our trip to North America. If you wish you may prefer to view the ALPHABETICAL LISTING of our WebAlbumPhotos.

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The travel map above is a shortcut to some of our best photos from various holidays. As time goes on we expect the whole of Australia to be littered with those little yellow dots. Each dot gives you access to a Photo Web Album from that area.

What was our favorite place on our Round Australia Trip? We get asked that all the time but there are so many great places it is hard to choose one. One from Western Australia would be Karajini, no wait The Bungles, no maybe Mitchell Falls, then of course there is Broome... In Northern Territory we loved Litchfield but of course Darwin was great and Katherine Gorge... In South Australia Kangaroo Island was our highlight this time but you can't forget the road across the Nullabour... I could go on and on with Queensland, New South Wales & ACT, Victoria and Tasmania but best you just take a look at the photos and decide for yourself.

Overseas Holidays

Australian holidays are the focus of this website BUT of course we don't just holiday around Australia. We have recently been to Fiji to Vanuatu to New Zealand to Alaska & Canada (red line shows where we went) then to Vanuatu again!. Armed with a digital camera we always take WAY too many photos so culling them down to put up on the website might take a while. Best to check on the 'Trips & Photos' page for the full set of albums once I have put them up.  I hear the Southeastern Asian countries have some really beautiful architecture and landscapes to see. Perhaps you’ll see some great views of Mumbai, Phuket or Bali on the ‘Trips & Photos’ page someday!

Holiday Options

Our home base is Queensland so we never let a holiday go by without trying something or somewhere new whether it is a houseboat around Moreton Bay, sailing a catamaran around the Whitsunday Islands, camping and bush walking through rainforests or 4WD-ing at Fraser Island. Whether we are enjoying the coast's beaches or outback adventures - we love it all. We are based in Brisbane so plenty of trips within a day's drive of here are featured. When we get a chance though we will be featuring holiday destinations further afield.

See those buttons on the left? They are not just for decoration you know. Click on Trips & Photos to catch up on our latest holidays or road trips. If you are interested in following the unfolding saga of purchasing and outfitting our 4WD or Camper Trailer there are sections devoted especially to that. Maureen & Kev are keeping us up to date with what is going on for Seniors & Retirees regarding travel and holidays. That is assuming they have time in between their many trips!

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Planning a holiday ?

There are plenty of people out there who are planning to do (or have done) a similar road trip around Australia. This site is for you! We will cover the planning, the purchase of the 4WD and Camper Trailer, the trip itself and lots of tips & tricks, recipes and photos that we hope you will find useful and interesting. If you would like us to visit and report on any holiday destination whether it is in Queensland or anywhere else in Australia, just send in your suggestion.

Please send in any of your travelling stories, recipes or tips & tricks that you think other readers will benefit from and we will publish the best of those on this site too. The site will be updated at least every 2nd week so keep coming back to see the latest holiday photos & other information. Although our biggest/longest adventure to date is the 2006 road trip, we have documented all of our trips and holidays over the last few years.

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Who are the main characters in this evolving story?

Photos of Characters you will find throughout website

More holidays...more camping...more road trips. OK we are travel junkies - can't help it.

After you read about some of our trips you will probably get the holiday bug yourself. Are you after a self guided camping tour? Try Camps Australia Ė The ultimate guide for the budget conscious traveller.

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This website highlights Cathy and Peter Sparks and their adventures during their australia holidays. They travel australia, take photos of australia and show them in photo albums (web albums). They travel Australia in a 4WD towing a caravan or camper trainer, a true camping travel holiday adventure starting in Queensland. Read their travel stories. Also, you can read about them as they travel around Australia with their 4WD and caravan in tow.