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Where did we go?

Anti-clockwise around Australia starting on 11th April 2006 and ending in Brisbane mid October 2006 - what more of a plan do you need? We know that we will be visiting the more common tourist destinations en-route BUT also some of the more out-of-the-way and sometimes more impressive places that we have heard about. The best thing is not to have a strict itinerary because once you are on the road you run into people who have been to amazing places that you probably didn't know about before you left. You need to be flexible enough to fit these destinations into the trip. A good thing to keep track of is the School Holiday Dates as they will effect the accomodation available. Check out this site for the latest holiday dates in all states of Australia.

Show us on a Map - 2006 Great Aussie Road Trip

As we visit places and create Web Albums for those places we will put a link on the map to the photos in the Web Album. Links to all these Web Albums are also found on the Trips & Photos page (see button at top left). Have a look at our interactive Travel Map now with this round Australia trip as well as ALL our previous trips on it.

The static map below only shows this 2006 trip around Australia. The start of the trip (green circle), where we are now (red cross) and the approximate path we travelled in between will be updated every week or so. We are keeping a log of places, mileage, petrol and accomodation costs - see Trip Details. For great maps all around Australia with marked camping areas ranging from Free Camps to reasonably priced Caravan Parks and National Parks it is worth buying a copy of this book. Camps Australia - The ultimate guide for the budget conscious traveller. We referred to our copy every day of our round Australia trip in 2006.

Planning the itinerary

We traced a large map of Australia and pinned it to a board and each time we saw a place we like on 'Getaway' or 'The Great Outdoors' (and similar TV programs), we marked it on the map. By the time we were ready to go it was as easy as joining the dots! In fact the more we think about it the more it seems that 6 months may not be long enough to see it all.

We left in the Easter holiday week and travelled to Hervey Bay where we were joined by Shirl, Noel and the kids and Maureen & Kev. We then headed off to Awoonga Dam near Gladstone for a few days. We wanted to visit Kroombit Tops National Park while we are up that way but didn't make it this time. After that we stopped to visit friends in Mackay. We travelled up to Porcupine Gorge near Hughenden for another few days then stayed with friends in Atherton before heading north west towards the gulf. The only booking we made this trip was to Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) Gorge (north of Mt Isa). It is wise to book this campground as it does get booked out - particularly in holiday times.

The rest of the itinerary was pretty open. Generally we went from Lawn Hill back to Mt Isa (a mine tour) then into Northern Territory and then Western Australia. NT and WA is where we spent the largest proportion of our time. To follow the route we took you can check the map above or if you want photos and commentary, visit the Trips & Photos page.

Please send in the names of any places that you have travelled to on holiday that you feel we should include on one of our trips.

We must make sure we go to...

There are always people telling you about places are a MUST SEE. Some of these include:

- Lawn Hill Gorge, Qld

- Carnarvon Blowhole, WA

- Pinnacles, WA

- Mataranka Hot Springs, NT

- Litchfield National Park, NT

- Abrolhos Islands, WA

After you read about some of our trips you will probably get the holiday bug yourself. If you want to make hotel/motel type holiday bookings to any destination in Australia, I suggest you visit this website for Discount Hotel Reservation. If less than 21 days before your intended stay, then an even better website for great last-minute deals is Rates to Go .

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