Holiday Photo Album Album 5 - Karumba on The Gulf & Gregory River - Qld 

Back on the Savannah Way (Gulf Developmental Road) heading north to Karumba, we passed through Croyden then crossed the Norman River near Normanton - it had just been reopened after the floods. There was still plenty of water either side of the road but we had no problems getting through - lucky we didn't believe the reports saying the roads were still closed! After Karumba we headed south west on the Burke Developmental Road followed by the Wills Developmental Road through to Gregory Downs. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories of Cobbold Gorge or use the Australia map to select another.
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Norman River

Karumba Sunset

Beach Fishing

Karumba Beach

Norman River

Grunter Bream

Big Barra

Termite Mounds

Gregory River


Gregory River


Creek Crossing


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