Holiday Photo Album Spain and Portugal 

Itinerary - We went from the west coast of France into Spain which we circumnavigated in an anti-clockwise direction. We continued our journey through Portugal before again re-entering Spain. No, we didn't go to Madrid but it is a big country and we have to leave something for next time! While at the southernmost point of Spain we decided it would be crazy not to take the short ferry ride across to Morroco for a day trip. I guess that technically means we have been to Africa! Then of course we were back in the UK for a day as we spent time exploring Gibraltar. From there we basically followed the coast of Spain back into France with the occasional detour inland to see some of the important sights.
See the UK EU map for access to all of the photos and stories from our Big Trip. Use navigation at the bottom of this page to return to the HOME PAGE.

Spain Portugal Route Map

Google Maps were invaluable and any inconsistencies above are due entirely to the author's editing in an attempt to show our route. The red dots indicate approximate overnight stays. SEE ENTIRE ROUTE MAP.

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