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Itinerary - We had visited Tasmania before and loved it but it was NOT LONG ENOUGH! This time we allowed over 2 months or more if needed. We left Brisbane straight after Christmas Day in the height of summer temperatures and with bush fires being reported in many states of Australia including Tasmania. We had 4 nights travelling from Brisbane to Melbourne and our 5th night was spent on the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry across to Devonport, Tasmania. We were glad to leave the heatwave conditions and bushfires behind for 2 months. We chose to do a basically anticlockwise trip around the island state with a few forays into the middle. It looks like we missed quite a few areas in the south and west of Tasmania but that is because there are no roads there!
See the NSW, VIC, TAS map for access to photos and stories from those areas. Use navigation at the bottom of this page to return to the HOME PAGE.

Tasmania Route Map

Thanks WikiCamps for help with this trip. They were invaluable and any inconsistencies above are due entirely to the author's attempt to show our route. The green dots indicate approximate overnight stays.

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