Holiday Photo Album Auckland to Cape Reinga, New Zealand 

Album 12 - We continued north along the east coast from Auckland stopping to do the walks at Mangawhai and Whangarei before camping at Whananaki DoC (camp 26). We learned a lot about Maori Culture and the Treaty of Waitangi while at the Bay of Islands. Continuing north we visited a winery and a chocolate factory before stopping at Rarawa Beach DoC (camp 27). Our attempt to get to the northernmost point of New Zealand, on Cape Reinga, was thwarted by the floods that washed out a bridge on the only road north (next time!). We drove along 90 Mile Beach, visited Waipu Caves and Piroa Falls then stayed the night at Bream Bay DoC (camp 28). Exploring Waitakere Regional Park, just west of Auckland, was a highlight. We loved Bethels Beach with its surf, rocky bays and many sea caves. Click on the thumbnails below to access larger photos and information about our travels. Go to the Map of New Zealand to see the entire route and select another web album.
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Waiwera Beach

Mangawhai Beach

Cliffs Walkway

Mangawhai Walk

Langs Beach

Whangarei Falls

Whangarei Walk

Matapouri Beach

Whale Bay Sunset

Whananaku Camp

Whananaku DoC

Whananaku Sunrise

Whananaku Beach

Whananaku Walk


Kawakawa Store

Bay of Islands

Ancestral Canoe

Canoe of Peace

Treaty Waitangi

Maori Meeting Place

Bay of Islands View

Haruru Falls

Rarawa Beach DoC

Flood Damage

Cape Reinga Road

Henderson Point

Waipu Caves

Waipu Caves

Waipu Gorge Walk

Bream Bay DoC

Bream Bay Walk

Piroa Falls

Kaipara Harbour

Waitakere Regional Pk

Bethells Beach

Ihumoana Island

Bethels Cove

TeHenga Beaches

Bethels Caves

Crevices and Caves

Sea Caves

Walk to Sea Cave

Beach Walk

Waitakere Beaches

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