Holiday Photo Album United Kingdom - West Sussex, England 

Album 2 - This is just a small webalbum to follow on from Album 1. On our last day with Jo & Jamie we visited Itchenor and The Ship Tavern, East Wittering and The Thatched Tavern (is there a theme here?!) and made sure the motorhome was all working as expected ready to set off the next day. Missed the last Album? See Album 1 which covers West Sussex or use the UK and Europe map to select another or see the Route Map for UK.

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The Ship Tavern


Inside Motorhome

Inside Motorhome

The Bathroom

Oven & Kitchen

Itchenor Marina

Itchenor Harbour


Itchenor Church

The Thatched Tavern

The Thatched Tavern

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