Oyster Island and Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

Inside the caves we made our way through water that was anywhere from shin deep to chest deep if you missed your footing. The bottom was covered with slippery rocks which made it quite difficult to stay upright. The cheap reef walking shoes we bought at home were ideal for today's trek. There are many small bats, swallows and small waterfalls along the way. The 100m high ceilings, limestone formations eg flowrock and some stalactites, were impressive. Pete slipped in off rocks a couple of times and gained a few more bruises. I walked right behind the guide and stepped exactly where he stepped! It was certainly an adventure but well worth it. I just wished we brought our headlamps as then we would have had our hands free to hold on to rocks and walls rather than holding torches.   Select the photo below to see more of the inside of the Millenium Cave.

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