Oyster Island and Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

It was not long before we set off again on the next leg of our journey - 30 minutes canyoning the Sarakata River.  We scrambled over and under rocks, squeezed between crevices and slid down the sides of boulders. It was hard work but pretty exciting stuff. Eventually we got to the point where we were able to rest for a while and FLOAT down the river through the narrow gorge. At one point we looked up to see a bamboo and rope bridge suspended across the top of the gorge - just like an Indiana Jones movie! The canyon walls were 50m straight up and width was between 6m and 20m – just amazing experience floating down river looking up and seeing a narrow strip of sky with bush draping over ledge of cliffs and vines hanging down into the gorge. Select the photo below to see the spot we stopped to allow some of us to climb up and jump off a ledge into the creek. My muscles were so tired there was no way I was climbing up there!

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