Oyster Island and Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

These were the last photos we took on this tour because once we got to the point where we needed to climb out of the river we had to make our way back up a VERY steep track to the village. I was exhausted by then and too busy watching my footing to even think about taking any more photos! There were sections where we had to climb up a 30m waterfall, through the water, using handholds/footholds cut into the limestone rock. Lucky it was rough limestone so, although it was in water, it was not slippery. It had started raining by then so going up the waterfall was easier than walking up the steep muddy track balancing our feet on logs placed strategically across the track to stop you slipping too much. Pete’s arches of his feet were aching by the time we got back from stepping on these logs. Maybe it would have been less painful in joggers but I think the rigidity of joggers would have made it more dangerous. The reef shoes have grip and wrap over the logs better to grip onto them. I was VERY pleased to get back to the village and have some hot coffee and fruit (banana and papaya) and get changed into dry shorts as my legs were chafing from the wets shorts. I had swimmers on underneath BUT that was a waste of time as you don’t ever get out of your wet shorts and shirt so I think light underwear would have been better. Next Time! Once we recovered (and paid our money) we still had another 30 min walk back to the car through pouring rain and slippery mud again. For this tour you need to be pretty fit and not scared of mud, heights and a lot of hard work! But boy was it worth it - the best tour we have ever been on!  Select the photo below to see more of the lovely rivers and jungle in this area.

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