Oyster Island and Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

The next day we did the half day Mt Hope Waterfall Tour. An hour's drive along dirt tracks passed villages through beautiful forests and you are at the starting point for the walk. We sat inside the ute this time which was good as our muscles are STILL sore from the Millenium Cave Tour!!! It was so much better relaxing inside than holding on for life in the back of the ute. We donned our life jackets, gardening gloves and we had a backpack with the waterproof bag inside it and our water bottles. In the waterproof bag was another waterproof case with our camera in it. Also insect spray and sunscreen and a small micro towel. Donning our life jackets again we climbed down to a ledge where we started the trek by jumping 3m into the river below. Then we let the current take us as we floated downstream in the crystal clear blue-green water. We floated on our backs feet first (with backpack on tummy) past lush green forests, wispy waterfalls trickling down over the limestone rocks - just beautiful and so relaxing.   Select the photo below to see more of this area.

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