Holiday Photo Album Espiritu Santo & Oyster Island, Vanuatu 

Week 2 - The first week was action packed with strenuous activities (Millenium Cave & Mt Hope waterfall tours) so this week we wanted to concentrate on relaxing, swimming, reading, walking and kayaking around Oyster Island. We visited the two nearby Blue Holes which were just beautiful, lunched at Turtle Bay Resort and circumnavigated Oyster Island on foot and by kayak. The nearby coral reefs were very accessible by kayak and great for snorkelling. Want to choose another album? Use the Pacific Islands Map.
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Oyster Island

Cannon Point

Snorkel Day

Back at Hut

Dining Area

Great Staff

Typical Sunset

Goodwill Highway

Outrigger Canoes

Paddle Airbeds

Mavutor River

Small Bluehole.

Relaxing back at Hut

Hermit Crab

Kayak to BlueHole

Kayak Mavutor

Flowers on River

Turquoise Blue Water

Matuvor Forest

BlueHole Landing

Swimming Hole

Source of Spring

Snorkel Island

Blue Starfish

Kayak Home

Kayak Big Bluehole

Big Bluehole

Big Swim Hole

Native Flowers

Lunch Break

Snorkel Bluehole

Heading Home

Relaxing Home Beach

Island Walk

Turtle Bay

Native Carvings

Cooling Swim


Coral Reef

More Snorkelling

Reef Fish

Coral Colours

Blue Clam

Snorkelling Again


Oyster Island

Boat Load

Flight Home

Port Vila Airport

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