Holiday Photo Album Middle Lagoon, Dampier Peninsula - WA 

Album 29 - We decided to take the van up the Dampier Peninsula to the tip of Cape Leveque and to stay at Middle Lagoon on the way up and back to break the journey. We had been told the road was bad (very corrugated) so we made this decision after speaking to a number of people who had made similar journeys just recently. They were right, it is the worst road in Australia! - but we were still glad we took the camper trailer/van with us and would do it again. This album shows the first half of the trip as far as Middle Lagoon. Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories of Broome or use the Australia map to select another.
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Beagle Bay Church

Pearl Shell Altar

Middle Lagoon Camp

Camps on Bay

First Sunset

Sand Blow

Roast at Sunset

Beach Fishing

Bay Fishing

Beach Huts

Canoe Fish Lagoon

Tides Out

Lagoon Reef


Coral & Marine Life

Coral & Marine Life

Coral & Marine Life

Coral & Marine Life

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