Oyster Island and Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

SOOOOOOOO sore and tired after our Millenium Cave tour that we cancelled the planned trip for next day and opted for a day of rest. A cold beer and a hot shower made us feel a little better. Pete collapsed on the bed and I sat and stared at the water from the balcony in some kind of stupor! We dragged ourselves over for dinner: It was Santo Beef YUM and Lobster tail YUMMER with Kumala. We were in bed by 8pm and it stormed during the night - again!. This time we got rained on in bed – well Pete’s feet did anyway. They added more leaves to the roof and all was good again! We got up early and crossed to the other side of the island to catch a sunrise.  Select the photo below to see more of this area.

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