Oyster Island and Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

Spent the morning reading books, writing up this diary and staring at the water with the occasional fish jumping to wake us up. It is very quiet because most people are off doing some activity. Pete fitted a sleep in – he gets pulled onto that bed any time he gets within a couple of metres of it! Magnetic attraction I think? We walked across to sunrise beach and snorkelled around the coral drop off 50m - 100m out. My thigh muscles are really sore from yesterday!!!!! We completed the loop track that goes all the way around the island which is only a little over 1km long and 200m at its widest point. The two rows of rocks leading out from the beach here are used to guide snorkellers out to the best reef viewing AND more importantly to keep you from walking on live corals as you make your way out. This way it limits the coral damage to this narrow path.  Select the photo below to see more beaches along our walk.

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