Holiday Photo Album Port Vila, Efate Island, Vanuatu Part 1 

We had 10 days in Vanuatu in what was supposed to be winter but was in fact a lovely 21 - 24 degrees. We spent time on Efate Island (including Iririki Island and Ifira Island) and Tanna Island. This album covers our time around Port Vila where we climbed up Mele Cascades to Mele Waterfall, snorkelled on Hideaway Island and Iririki Island, paddelled a dugout canoe aroudn Mele Bay, visited the Secret Garden and sampled the different local foods and entertainment. Want to choose another album? Take me to the Pacific Islands Map.
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Vila Chaumieres

Mele Cascades

Mele Swimming Hole

Mele Gardens

Hideaway Island View


Mele Cascade Walk

Climb Cascades

Mele Falls

Swimming Hole

Plunge Pool

Descend Cascades

Secret Garden

View to Hideaway

Hideaway Island

Iririki Island

View from Fare

Melanesian Feast

Relaxing at Iririki

Port Vila Sunset

Port Vila

Mele Bay

Ifira Island

Bislama Signs

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