Holiday Photo Album Tanna Island, Vanuatu Part 2 

Tanna Island is located in the Tafea province and is very traditional with many things we take for granted in Australia shunned by the people of Tanna, including cars. We either walked or went by 4WD along tracks to the many wonderful places you can visit on Tanna. The very active Yasur Volcano was the highlight along with the wonderful snorkelling, waterfalls, black sand beaches and the friendly people. We loved it! Missed the last web album? See Photos and Stories from Vanuatu Part 1 or use the Pacific Islands Map to select another.
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Evergreen Resort

View from Restaurant

Coffee Beans Drying

Snorkelling Blue Hole

Amazing Coral

Washing Day

Waterfall Walk

Plunge Pool

Banyan Tree

Tanna Beach

Black Beach View

Black Sand Beach

Lava Flow

Lunch Stop

Tree Hut

View To Yasur

Ash Plain

Lake Siwi Falls

Near the Top

Smoking Rim

First Explosion

Two Calderas

Lava Sprays

Steam Ash Eruption

Pyroclastic Fireworks



Blue Cave Entrance

Show me the next web album of the Clarence Valley


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